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The Residents - We Stole This Riff

Back cover of the "Baby Sex" cover.

" Baby Sex" was a demo tape recorded in 1971, and was recorded after "Warner Bros. Album". It is the most common residents demo tape, and it includes Phillip "Snakefinger" Lithman, and N. Senada. The tape has more complete songs than "Ballad of Stuffed Trigger", "Rusty Coathangers for the docter", and "Warner Bros. Album".

Track Listing

- We stole this riff

- Holelottadick

- Baby Sex 

- Deepsea Diver song

- King Kong

- Cantean de Dyr Pruin

- Somethin' Devilish ( The Boarding House)

- Fourth Crucifixion ( The Boarding House)

- Hallowed by thy ween (1. Sandman 2. Ate Thy mother 

3. Eloise 4. D is for doorknob 5. Kamakazi Lady)


- Since this is the most common residents demo, many of these songs have been offically released (via "ERA B474, Delta Nudes' Greatest Hits and Roosevelt", and numerous UWEB compolations). These include "Somethin' Devilish", " King Kong", and " Hallowed by thy ween".

- "Somethin' Devilish" and " Fourth Crucifixion" are both live recordings. ( See "The boarding house performance" page.)