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A sockpuppet A sockpuppet 4 May 2015

New contributor

Isn't it wonderful?

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Bigbuzzard1981 Bigbuzzard1981 10 August 2014

Quality Standards

Hello everybody :D! I decided to make a rough draft of how a page should be made.

First paragraph- _____ is an (album/single/compilation, etc) by The residents. It _______________ (concept,backstory,etc.). It was released in ______ OR it was released as a limited edition of _____ in _______.

Track listing- all the songs off the album.

Trivia- any information about the tracks, backstory of the album, or any other interesting information.

Thanks for your time, and have fun editing :3!

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Bigbuzzard1981 Bigbuzzard1981 5 April 2014

Upcoming Residents Documentary!

Hey everybody! So, to advertise the wiki, i'm going to make my own small Residents Documentary! It's going to be called "Meet The Residents". It will be done sometime in Late May or Early June- I'll put up a link for it when it's done. Stay tuned :D

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