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The Residents - Equals E (Cube E Box Set)

The Residents during a "CUBE-E" performance.

"CUBE-E" was the third pulbic tour by The Residents. The performance was broken into three parts- "Buckaroo Blues", which consisted of Cowboy music, "Black Barry", which combined Slave hymns and blues music, and "The Baby King" which had tracks from the "King and Eye" album. The tour was performed from 1989 to 1990.


Pt.1- Buckaroo Blues

- From the Plains to Mexico

- The Theme from Buckaroo Blues

- The Stampede

- The Trail Dance

- Bury Me Not

- Cowboy Waltz

- Saddle Sores

- The Theme from Buckaroo Blues (Reprise)

Pt.2- Black Barry

- The Gospel Truth

- Shortnin' Bread

- Black Barry

- Fourty- Four

- Engine 44

- New Orleans

- Voodoo Queen

- What am I gonna do?

- Organism

Pt.3- The Baby King

- Ober

- The Baby King pt.1

- Dont' Be Cruel

- Devil in Disguise

- Burning Love

- Teddy Bear

- Love me Tender

- The Baby King pt.2

- Hound Dog/ Out


- Both "Buckaroo Blues" and "Black Barry" have UWEB releases, and numerous other songs from the performance have appeared on numerous cd/vinyl/mp3 compiliations.

- All the tracks from the "Baby King" section except for "Ober" were previously released on "The King and Eye".

- Some of the costumes from this performance were later used for the "Ty's Freak Show" performance.