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The Residents - One-Minute Movies

Both the "Commercial Single" and "Commercial Album" were released in 1980 by The Residents. They compile many one minute songs, with collaborators such as Snakefinger and Fred Frith. On the album, there is 40 one minute songs. On the single, there are two unreleased songs, "Shut up! Shut up!" and "And I was alone". In the same year, a video was made for "Moisture", "Act of being Polite", "Perfect Love", and "Simple song" was released, with the title "One Minute Movies". 

Track Listing[]


- Easter Woman

- Perfect Love

- Picnic Boy

- End of home

- Japanease Watercolor

- Secrets

- Die in terror

- Red Rider

- My Second Wife

- Floyd

- Suburban Bathers

- Dimples and toes

- The Nameless Souls

- Love Leaks Out

- Act of Being Polite

- Medicine Man

- Tragic Bells

- Loss of Innocence

- Simple Song 

- Ups and Downs

- Possessions

- Give it to Someone Else

- Phantom

- Less not more

-  My Work is so Behind

- Birds in the tree

- Handful of Desire

- Moisture

- Love Is...

- Trobuled Man

- LaLa

- Loneliness

- Nice Old Man

- Talk of the Creatures

- Fingertips

- In between Dreams

- Margaret Freeman

- Coming of the Crow

- When we were young 

(Bonus tracks/ commercial single songs)

- Shut up! Shut up!

- And I was Alone


" Shut up! Shut up!" later appeared on "Residue of The Residents"

Parts of "One Minute Movies" were directed by Graeme Whifler, who also directed  "Hello Skinny" and parts "Vileness Fats".