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The Residents - Demons Dance Alone Tour (Full) - Rockefeller Oslo 02-27-2003

Two Residents during the "Demons Dance Alone" tour.

"Demons Dance Alones" is a tour by The Residents. It consists of tracks from their 2002 album "Demons Dance Alone". It went from October 2002 to Setember 2003. 

Setlist []

- King Kong/Demons Dance Alone Instrumental

- Thundering Skies

- Betty's Body

- Mickey Macaroni

- Wolverines

- Wonderful 1

- Caring

- The Weatherman

- My Brother Paul

- Car Thief

- Wonderful 2

- Baja

- From the Plains to Mexico/ Golden Goat/ The Shoe Salesman

- The Beekeeper's Daughter

- Honey Bear

- Ghost Child

- Vampire

- Wonderful 3

- Neediness

- Demons Dance Alone 


- There is a dvd of this performance, as well as numerous cds/mp3s.

- This tour had numerous lighting problems. The show was completly dark, making shooting video near impossible. They decided to use an IR light, but this caused a few more problems. A main problem is that everything appeared green during the performance. Also, the light covered areas of the set that were not meant to be seen. 

- The lights that the demons held used rechargable batteries, and produced a light of 1,000,000 candlepower.

- Some parts of the show weren't in the original script, such as one of the demons playing trumpet. But when the dancer Paul Benney confessed to playing trumpet in high school band, they decided to write him playing in the script.