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The Residents - Duck Stab! Buster & Glen (1978) Full Album

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"Duck stab/ Buster and Glenn" is the fifth album by The Residents. This is their most successful record since the "Satsifaction" single. "Duck stab" was originally a 7" ep that contained the songs from the first side. "Buster and Glenn" was going to be an ep as well, but The Residents thought it sounded like B side content, so they decided to make an album of the two.

Track Listing[]

- Constaniople

- Sinister Exaggerator

- Booker Tease

- Blue Rosebuds

- Laughing Song

- Bach Is Dead

- Elvis and his boss

- Lizard Lady

- Semolina

- Birthday Boy

- Weight- lifting LuLu

- Krafty Cheese

- Hello Sknny

- The Electrocutioner


- In 1987, it was reissued, but only called "duck stab". It was also pressed on Red vinyl. 

- Videos have been made for "Constaniople" and "Hello Skinny".