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The Residents - Eskimo (1979) Full Album


The Residents - Diskomo

This is the sixth album by The Residents. The album is highly influenced by N. Senada and his musical theories. After disappearing for many years, Senada had returned to The Residents' home, with a jar of freezing air and tapes upon tapes of Inuit folk songs. These objects along with Senada's Theory of Obscurity gave them inspiration to record an album about Eskimo culture. It was released in 1979.

Track Listing[]

- The Walrus Hunt

- Birth

- Arctic Hysteria

- Angry Angakok

- A spirit steals a Child

- Festival of Death

Bonus tracks (from "Subterannean Modern" compalation).

- Left my heart in San Francisco

- Dumbo The Clown

- Is he really bringing roses?

- Time's Up

Diskimo (1980)[]

In 1980, The Residents noticed how much fuss "Eskimo" was causing with critics. So, they decided to set the music to disco beats. The result was called "Diskomo", and was released as a 12" single. The B side is a group of nursery rhymes played on toy instruments called "Goosebumps".

Track Listing[]

- Diskomo

- Goosebumps

1. Disaster

2. Plants

3. Farmers

4. Twinkle