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The Residents - Gingerbread Man

Front cover of "The Gingerbread Man".

"The Gingerbread Man" is an album released by The Residents. They also created a CD- ROM by the same name. There's also an extended album that was released due to the CD-ROM's success. They were all released in 1994.

Track Listing (Original and extended)[]

- The Weaver (The Fool and The Death Maker Die Alone)

- The Dying Oilman (Blinded by the Hostages of Fortune)

- The Confused Transsexual (Stamen and Pistallate Together Again)

- The Sold-Out Artist (Black are the Legs of the White Sepulcher)

- The Ascetic (Shadows Doubt the Strength of the Sun)

- The Old Solider (Saftey Sells, but War Always Wins)

- The Aging Musician (Narcissus Knows No One Naked)

- The Butcher (The Flesh of Animals Anger Anew And Moos)

- The Old Woman (Kissless are the Isolated, Rootless are their Tounges)

- Ginger's Lament


(Interactive version) The Gingerbread Man

(Audio version- same as original album)


- "The Weaver", "Dying Oilman", "Sold-out Musician", "Aging Muscican", and "Old Woman" all have music videos, and were performed live on the "Icky Flix" tour. 

- Many of the songs from this album have appeared on cd/mp3 compilations.

- Almost all the songs off this album have been performed live.