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The Residents - Have A Bad Day Concentration

Front cover of "Have a Bad Day".

"Have a Bad Day" is an album released by The Residents. It contains the soundtrack for the CD-Rom "Bad Day on the Midway". They were both released in 1996.

Track Listing[]

- Bad Day on the Midway

- Dagmar, the Dog Woman

- I Ain't Seen no Rats

- Tears of the Taxman

- God's Teardrops

- The Seven Tatoos

- The Marvels of Mayhem

- Lottie the Human Log

- Ugly Liberation

- Daddy's Poems

- The Red Head of Death

- Timmy


-There is a music video that contains scenes from the "Bady Day on the Midway" CD-rom, and the soundtrack from it was performed live on the "Icky Flix" tour.

- In 2012, The Residents recorded a new soundtrack for the game, called "Bad Day on the Midway (Music from the game reconsidered).

- There is a video mini series based on a character from the CD-Rom, Timmy.