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The Residents -Buckaroo Blues & Blue Rosebuds - Icky Flix Live in Toronto-1

The Residents during the "Icky Flix" tour.

"Icky Flix" is a tour by The Residents. The setlist consisted of songs from the "Icky Flix" dvd, and the "Icky Flix (Original Soundtrack Recording)". The tour from February to October of 2001.


- Icky Flix Theme

- Harry the Head

- Songs for Swinging Larvae

- Kick a Picnic

- He Also Serves

- Hello Skinny

- This is a Man's,Man's,Man's World

- Bad Day on the Midway


- One Minute Movies

- The Gingerbread Man

- Burn Baby Burn

- Stars and Stripes Forever

- Just for you

- Benny the Bouncing Bump

(See "Trivia" for the other sometimes performed tracks) 


- "Bridegroom of Blood" and "Buckaroo Blue Rosebuds" (A mix between "The Theme from Buckaroo Blues" and "Blue Rosebuds") were also performed at some shows. 

- This is Molly Harvey's third tour with The Residents, the first two being "Disfigured Night" and "Wormwood".