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The Residents - The Moles Are Coming (Intermission)

Front cover of the "Intermission" ep.

"Intermission" is an ep released by The Residents. It contains songs performed at rehearsels/ the intermission of The Mole Show. It was released in 1982.

Track Listing[]

- Lights Out (Prelude)

- Shorty's Lament (Intermission)

- The Moles are Coming (Intermission)

- Would we be Alive? (Intermission)

- The New Hymn (Recessional)


- "The New Hymn" is a remade version of an excerpt of "Migration" from "Mark of the Mole", and its original name was "Hole Worker's New Hymn".

- "Lights Out" was reused for the "Census Taker" soundtrack.