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The Residents - Diskomo-0

Front cover of the "Liver Music" cd.

"Liver Music" is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiles rare/unreleased live material, and various rehersals. It was released in 1990.

Track Listing[]

- Diskimo

- Numb Erone/Satisfaction/Kick a Cat

- This is a Man's World

- Excerpt

- Red Rider/ Die in Terror

- The History of Digital Music

- Lizard Lady/ Semolina

- Excerpt

- Ober

- The History of Digital Music

- Happy Home/ Star Bangeled Banner

- Santa Dog


- "Diskimo" was recorded live at "the "13th Anniversery Show" in San Francisco, 1987. It was also released as a flexi-disc in 1988.

- "Numb Erone/ Satisfaction/ Kick a Cat" is from the "Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy! Cant you see that its true?" performance in 1976.

- "This is a Man's World" is from "The Thirteenth Anniversery show" in Australia in 1986. It was released as a single in Australia.

- "Excerpt" is from "The Snakey Wake" live in 1987.

- "Red Rider/ Die in Terror" is from "The Thirteenth Anniversery Show" in San Francisco, 1985.

- "History of Digital Music (Music Box Punch Card System" is a high school demostration in Berkeley, California, in 1985.

- "Lizard Lady/ Semolina" was recorded live at "The Thirteenth Anniversery Show" in Tokyo, Japan, 1985.

- "Excerpt" is from "The Party" performance of 1972, which also appears on "ERA b474".

- "Ober" is from "CUBE-E" live in San Francisco, 1989.

- "History of Digital Music (The Macintosh Computer pre-midi)" is same as "History of Digital Music (Music Box Punch Card System".

- "Happy Home/ Star Spangeled Banner" is from the "Unce Sam Mole Show" in Washington D.C., 1983. 

- "Santa Dog" was recorded live at "CUBE-E NYE" In Janurary, 1990.