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I Murdered Mommy (2004)I hate heaven (1998-single)Icky Flix (DVD-2001)
Icky Flix (Original Soundtrack Recording-2001)Icky Flix (Tour-2001)In Between Screams (Intermission music from The Residents' Wormwood-1999)
In the BeginningIntermission (1982)Kaw- Liga (Housey Mix) (Single-1989)
Kaw- Liga (Single- 1986)Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town (Dvd/Triple cd set-2003)King and Eye (1989)
Land of Mystery (Compilation-1999)Live at the Fillmore (1998- performance/cd)Liver Music (1990)
Louisiana's Lick (Compilation-1995)March de la WinniMarching to the See (2014)
Mark of The Mole (1981)Mark of the Mole- Atari 2600 Game (1981)Meet The Residents (1974)
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Night of the Hunters (2007)Not Avaible (1974/ 1978)Numb Erone
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Santa dog (1972)Satsifaction (single- 1976)Sinister Exaggerator
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Swastikas on ParadeThe Ballad of Stuffed TriggerThe Beatles play The Residents and The Residents play The Beatles (single-1977)
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The Bunny Boy (Tour 2008)The Census Taker (1985)The Delta Nudes
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The River of Crime (2006)The Snakey Wake (1988)The Tunes of Two Cities
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Vileness Fats (1972- 1976)/ Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?Viva Las Vegas RMX (cd single- 2004)Whatever Happend To Vileness Fats/ The Mole Show (VHS- 1984)
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File:The Residents - We Stole This RiffFile:The Residents - What Have My Chickens Done Now?File:The Residents - Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?
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File:The Residents I murdered mommy.jpgFile:The Residents Kaw Liga 1986File:The Residents Mole Show 1984 VHS rip
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File:The residents - Video voodoo introFile:The residents - Where is sheFile:Third Reich N' Roll.jpg
File:Tune of two cities cover.jpgFile:Tweedles.jpgFile:Ughscdcover.jpg
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