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The Residents - Mark of the Mole (1981) Full Album

Mark of the mole back cover

"Mark of the Mole" is the first part of the "Mole Triology" by The Residents. The first side explains how the Moles have to leave their homeland because of a flood. They than migrate to the land of the Chubs, who are greedier than the peaceful and religous moles. The Chubs see the moles as cheap labor, and welcome them with "Open arms". Then, a Chub scientist invents a machine to do the work that moles accomplish, causing moles to loose their jobs. Then a war rises between the Moles and Chubs, but no clear winner is told. The gatefold of "The Big Bubble- part four of the mole triology" explains that both the moles and chubs won equally in the war, and remained  to live in uneasy peace.

Track Listing[]

- Voices of The Air

- The Ultimate Disaster

- Migration 

- Another Land

- The New Machine

- Final Confrontation


- An excert from "Migration", "Hole worker's hymn", was later released on "Intermission" as "The New Hymn".

- Since both sides are based on the two parts of the story, side A is called "Hole Workers at the Mercies of Nature", and side B is "Hole Workers vs. Man and Machine".

- All the songs on this album were performed live in 1982- 84 at "The Mole Show".

- This album was also released on brown vinyl, with the autographs  of The Residents on the back in brown crayon.