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The Residents - Meet The Residents (1974) Full Album

"Meet The Residents" is the first album  by The Residents. It was recorded during the "Vileness Fats" era, but no songs appear on it from the album. Most of the songs have a "Western Melody", as described by the back cover. Many of the songs on the first side are put all together, so there is no distinct beginning or end.

Track listing[]

- Boots

- Numb Erone

Picture from "Meet The Residents" reel.

- Guylum Bardot

- Breath and Length

- Consuelo's Departure

- Smelly Tounges

- Rest Aria

- Skratz

- Spotted Pinto Bean

- Infant Tango

- Seasoned Greetings

- N- ER- GEE ( Crisis Blues )


- Apparentley when The Residents recorded this, they gave N. Senada a reel of pictures to get printed. After giving them the reel, he mysteriously disapeered. Then in 1977, he sent a box filled with odd Eskimo tapes, a cryptic note in a strange language, and the reel of pictures at the bottom. This gave them the inspiration to make "Eskimo".

- Since they didn't have the pictures printed out, one Resident whited out the back cover of "Meet the Beatles", and drew on the three crawfish and starfish on the heads.

- According to legend, Either John or George loved their copy, and had it displayed in their house.

-It was rereleased in limited quantities on picture disc for the thirteenth anniversary of the band.

- A limited edition flexi disc was released in promotion of the album in 1974. 1000 copies were made and included with a February issue of File magazine. It includes excerpts of "Numb Erone", "Guylum Bardot", "Smelly Tongues", "Rest Aria", "N - Er - Gee", and "Seasoned Greetings".