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The Residents-Elvis and His Boss

Front cover of the "Memorial Hits" lp.

“Memorial Hits” is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiled various Resident songs from 1976 to 1984. It was released in 1985.

Track Listing[]

- Festival of Death (Excerpt)

- Its a Man's, Man's, Man's World

- Elvis and his Boss

- Whatever happened to Vileness Fats?

- Satisfaction

- Serenade for Missy

- Diskomo

- Six things to a Cycle


- This album was used to promote The Residents in Japan, so when they came to perform the Thirteenth Anniversery Show, their would be a bigger group of people interested.

- The lyric sheet was not actually supported by The Residents, but by the staff of Wave Records. By repeatedly listening to the songs, they figured out the lyrics themselves.