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"Night of the Hunters" is an album by The Residents. It is a remake of tracks from a lost album called "That Slab Called Night". It was released as a double CD in 2007.


The Residents - Dark Found Light Lost

Track Listing[]


- Dark Found Light Lost

- The Wrong Path

- Dropped Pain

Front cover of the "Night of the Hunters" cd.

- Broken Irony

- Night of Lost Sight - Crystal Shards

- In the Way

- Flying Blind

- Held Loosely

- Rediscovered Lust

- Stalking Dream

- Dark Light

- Mind Sight


- Scattered Thoughts

- Doubting the Past

- Memory of Light

- Seeing What's Gone

- Dreaming of Night

- Refusing the Final Light

- Failed Eyes

- Slabs that Shine


- The original concept of "That Slab Called Night" was to show "the effect of darkness has on perception, the world of the shadow".

- It was originally going to come out inbetween "The Gingerbread Man" and "Wormwood".

- "Night of the Hunters" was released as a limited edition of 1,000 copies.