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The Residents - Not Available (Full Album)

Not Available characters shown on the Euro Ralph reissue

"Not Available" is the second album by The Residents. It was recorded in the "Vileness Fats era", even though none of the songs appeared on it from this album. It was recorded 1974, but wasn't released until 1978 according to the theory of obscurity. 

Track Listing[]

- Part 1- Edweena

- Part 2- Making of the Soul

- Part 3- Ship's A Goin' Down

- Part 4- Never Known Questions

- Epilogue 


- Lyrics from "Ship's A goin' Down" are spoken by Saint Steve in the scene "The Banquet Hall" from Vileness Fats.

- According to the Theory Of Obscurity, this album was meant to remain unreleased until The Residents had forgotten about it.

- According to The Residents, the album was created to work out problems within the group.

- The characters include "Catbird", "Edweena", "Porcupine", " Uncle Remus", and "Egnimatic Foe". The story of the album is that Edweena, Porcupine, and Catbird are in a love triangle, while Edweena's wealthy uncle is away for a honeymoon. When Porcupine and Catbird are about to kill each other, Porcupine makes peace by speaking lines from a Shakesphere poem.