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The Residents - Jingle Bells

Front cover of the "Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses" cd boxset.

"Our poor, Our Tired, Our Huddled masses" is a cd boxset released by The Residents.It contains four cds- "Washington (Album History 1996- 1981)", "Lincoln (Album History 1980-1972)", "Jefferson (Single History 1972-1997"), and "Roosevelt (History Mystery)". It was released in 1997.

Track Listing[]

"Washington- Album history 1996-1981

- Have a Bad Day Concentrate

- Hunters Concentrate

- The Gingerbread Man Concentrate

- Six Amber Things

- He Also Serves

- Ship of Fools

- Freak Show Concentrate

- CUBE-E Concentrate

- God in 3 persons concentrate

- The Mole Triology Concentrate

"Lincoln- Album history 1980-1972"

- Easter Woman

- Amber

- Red Rider

- Floyd

- The Nameless Souls

- Love Leaks Out

- The Simple Song

- Moisture

- Loneliness

- When We Were Young

- Eskimo Concentrate

- Constantinople

- Third Reich N' Roll Concentrate

- Not Available Concentrate

- Meet The Residents Concentrate

- Aircraft Damage

"Jefferson- Single history 1972- 1997"

- Jambalya

- Don't Be Cruel

- From the Plains to Mexico

- Double Shot

- Harry the Head

- Don't

- The Gingerbread Man 

- Kaw-Liga

- Where is She?

- Jailhouse Rock

- This is a Man's World

- Jingle Bells

- Satisfaction

- Loser= Weed

- Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers

- Beyond the Valley of a Day in The Life

- Flying

- For Elise (Excerpt)

- Teddy Bear

- Surrender

- Hit the Road Jack (Remix)

"Roosevelt- History Mystery"

- Tryin' to Beat it

- Siren Song (Of the Shrunken Head)

- Ugly Beauty

- Anganok (Excerpt)

- Teddy

- I Tried to Cry

- The Cry of the Crow

- Struggle

- Spaghetti Sunda

- Love Me

- Hallowed Be Thy Ween

- America 

Trivia []

- Even though "Jingle Bells" appears on "Jefferson- Single History", there is no record of it ever appearing on a single. 

- "Roosevelt" was later released as "Roosevelt 2.0", with the tracks in a different order, and it also included "Pollex Christi (Abridged version)".It was released as a limited edition of 1,200 in 2001. It came packaged in a cigar box. 

- The set came with a 32 page booklet.

- "Teddy", "I Tried to Cry", "The Cry of the crow", and "Struggle" all appeared on 1993's "Prelude of The Teds".

- "Siren song (Of the Shrunken Head)" and "Ugly Beauty" were both recorded for a rejected 1985 album known as "Man". 

- This is the first time "Hallowed Be Thy Ween" was offically released. 

- "Anganok" in its entirity was released as an mp3, along with an instrumental version.