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The Residents - God's Magic Finger.Road

Front cover of the "Petting Zoo" cd.

"Petting Zoo" is a compilation by The Residents. It compiles tracks from "Meet the Residents" to "Demons Dance Alone". It was released in 2002.

Track Listing []

- Betty's Body

- Wolverines

- Kick a Picnic

- God's Magic Finger.Road

- Hanging by his Hair.Road

- Fire Fall

- How to get a Head (Edit)

- The Aging Musicican (Edit)

- The Sour Song

- Jello Jack (Edit)

- Harry the Head

- Saftey is the Cootie Wootie (Edit)

- Boy in Love

- Would we be Alive? (Edit)

- Moisture

- Hello Skinny

- Constantinople

- Godsong

- Smelly Tounges

- Icky Flix Theme


- This compilation is the offical 30th Anniversery compilation.