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The Residents - Poor Kaw-liga's Pain

Front cover of the "Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain" cd.

"Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain" is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiles the numerous "Kaw-Liga" remixes that have been recorded. It was released in 1994.

Track Listing[]

- Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain

- Kaw- Liga (Original Mix)

- Kaw- Liga (Single Mix)

- Kaw-Liga (Housey Mix)

- Kaw-Liga (Stripped Mix)

- Kaw-Liga (Nightmare Mix)

- Kaw-Liga (Horror Mix)

- Kaw- Liga (Prarie Mix)

- Kaw- Live- Ga


- "Kaw-Liga (Housey Mix)", "Kaw-liga (Stripped Mix)", and "Kaw- Liga (Nightmare Mix)" were all included on the "Kaw- Liga (Housey Mix)" single.