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The Residents - The Sleeper

Cover of the "Residue Deux" cd.

"Residue" is a collection of unreleased and rare songs. The tracks on this album are from 1971- 82. It is the first time listeners heard tracks from "Baby Sex", other than the "Residents' Radio Special". It was later released as "Residue Deux" in 1998, and included more tracks, but "Walter Westinghouse" was not included.

Track Listing[]

- The Sleeper

- Whoopy Snorp

- Kamakazi Lady

- Boy in Love

- Shut up! Shut up!

- Anvil Forest

- Diskomo

- Jailhouse rock

- Ups and Downs

- Walter Westinghouse

- Saint Nix

("Residue Deux" bonus tracks)

- Scent of Mint (the track "Walter Westinghouse" was replaced by)

- From The Plains To Mexico

- The Replacement ("Left my heart in San Francisco", "Dumbo the clown", "Is he really bringing roses?", and "Time's Up").

- Daydream Believer

- Saftey Is The Cootie Wooty


- This is the second time "Kamakazi Lady" was included on an album- the first being "The Residents' Radio Special".

- "Whoopy Snorp" was released on the Los Angeles Free music Society compolation "Blorp Esette" from 1977.

- "The Replacement" tracks were on the "Subterranean Modern" Ralph Records sampler from 1979.

- "Daydream Believer" was earlier released on the UWEB compolation "Daydream B liver".

- "From the plains to Mexico" was released as a one sided single on UWEB

.- "Saftey is the Cootie Wooty" was released as the b side to the "It's a man's, man's, man's world" single, in 1984. 

- The version of "Shut up! Shut up!" is different than the "Commercial Single", because the "Residue" version has vocals on it.

- The version of "Ups and Downs" on the album is different, because this version is about three minutes long.