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The Residents - Santa Dog (1972)

Original "Santa Dog" cover art.

This is the first residents record that uses the name The Residents (but at the time, they were called Residents Unic.). The cover was meant to represent a Christmas card that the Residents got from an insurance company. Many copies were sold to friends, relatives, other artists, movie stars, etc. Rumor has it that Richard Nixion sent his copy back.


- Fire (AKA "Santa Dog")

- Lightning

- Explosion

- Aircraft Damage (AKA "Kick a cat!")


- This is the first offical Ralph Records release.

- All the covers were hand painted, but this caused problems for the cover. They weren't dry enough when they were mailed, so many of the covers got torn.

- "Aircraft Damage" was used in "Vileness Fat", when Arf and Omega used an Indian spell to get to Vileness Fats.

- Superior Viaduct is going to reissue the original Santa Dog, on April 21.