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The Residents - Land of 1000 Dances Double Shot

Front cover of the "Stranger than Supper" lp.

"Stranger than Supper" is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiles rare/unreleased songs from live performances, and rehearsals of live songs. It was released in 1990.

Track Listing[]

- Intro/ Somethin' Devilish

- Teddy Bear

- Why Didn't I think of that?

- New Orleans

- Lament

- Die in Terror/ Eva's Warning

- Suzanna

- Land of 1,000 Dances/ Double Shot

- Mr. Skull's New Year Eve Song

- This is a Man's World


- This album was the first time a track from The Boarding House performance was released.

- The performance of "Teddy Bear" on this album was from a performance on the NBC tv show "Night Music" in 1990.

- "Why Didn't I think of that?" is a test of the early MIDI synthesizer.

- "New Orleans" is a jam version from the rehearsals of "Black Barry".

- "Lament" is from the studio version of "The Snakey Wake" of 1987.

- "Die in Terror/ Eva's Warning" is from the "13th Anniversery" show.

- "Suzanna" is a rejected track from "Buckaroo Blues".

- "Land of 1000 Dances/Double Shot" is a studio version for a performance in 1988.

- "Mr. Skull's New Year Eve Song" is a studio version of a track from the "CUBE-E NYE" performance, Janurary, 1990".

- "This is a Man's World" is a studio version of "The Thirteenth Anniversery Show" in Australia in 1986.