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The Residents - Somethin' Devilish

Homer (?) at the performance.

In 1971, The Residents performed on open mic night at a club called "The Boarding House". They performed alongside Phillip "Snakefinger" Lithman, Bavarain Experimentalist N. Senada, and night club singer Peggy Honeydew. Half of the performance was featured on "Baby Sex", but the full show was released 20 years later on the UWEB compilation "Daydream B-Liver".

Set list[]

- Somethin' Devilish

- Chants

- Fourth Crucifixion

- D is for Doorknob

- The Letter C


- Snakefinger's name was earned by his performance, because Snakefinger's violion playing was so fast his finger looked like a snake.

- N. Senada performed in a trench coat, hat, and beard, the Residents wore cheerleader costumes and beards, and Peggy Honeydew was in her normal night club costume. 

 - Footage of the performance is known to exist, because video of "Somethin' Devilish" was featured on the "Kettles of Fish" DVD set, and "Somethin' Devilish" and "Fourth Cruxifixion" were shown in Paris on 9/15/15.