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The Bunny Boy is an album released on September 1, 2008, by avant-garde group The Residents. According to the group's blog, the album is similar to their previous albums Duck Stab, The Commercial Album and Demons Dance Alone and contains "19 fast paced songs" about "[o]bsession, insanity and the coming Apocalypse". In addition to The Residents, frequent collaborators Nolan Cook, Carla Fabrizio and Joshua Raoul Brody also appear on the album.

A tour started in October, and a narrative Internet series also appeared on YouTube. The series concerns a character known as the Bunny Boy or Bunny, who makes videos in his secret room and puts them on YouTube. In the videos he asks viewers to help him find his brother Harvey, who went missing on the island of Patmos in Greece. Bunny encourages fans to email him. The Residents' official website later announced that Bunny wished his videos to be removed. Later, they uploaded the first season again via SeeOfSound, so that the advertising money would go towards Bunny's bus ticket to Arkansas. A second season began on 16 February. The series ran for 66 episodes, which were later released on a DVD entitled Is Anybody Out There?.

Track Listing []

  1. Boxes of Armageddon
  2. Rabbit Habit
  3. I'm Not Crazy
  4. Pictures from a Little Girl
  5. What If It's True?
  6. Fever Dreams
  7. Butcher Shop
  8. I Like Black
  9. Secret Room
  10. My Nigerian Friend
  11. It Was Me
  12. Golden Guy
  13. The Bunny Boy
  14. Blood on the Bunny
  15. I Killed Him
  16. The Dark Man
  17. Secret Message
  18. Patmos
  19. The Black Behind