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The Residents - The Tunes of Two Cities (1982) Full Album

Tune of two cities cover

"The Tunes of Two Cities" was released in 1982 by The Residents. It is part two of "The Mole Triology". It does not continue the plot, but it further shows how The Moles' and Chubs' cultures are different by music. While the moles have industrial hymns, The Chubs have more jazzy style music.

Track Listing[]

- Serenade for Missy

- A maze of Jigsaws

- Mousetrap

- God of Darkness

- Smack your lips (clap your teeth)

- Praise for the Curse

- The Secret Seed

- Smokebeams

- Mourning the Undead

- Song of The Wild

- The Evil Disposer

- Happy Home


- There is three unreleased songs from this album- "Anvil Forest", "Open Up", and "Scent of Mint". All of these were included later on "Residue of The Residents" and every recent CD reissue of this album.

- This album is the first one released under the 444 grove st. Ralph Records address; it is also the first album released following Jay Clem and John Kennedy leaving.

- "Smack your lips", "The Secret Seed", "Song of the Wild", and "Happy Home" were all played at the Mole Show from 1982- 84.