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The Residents - The Warner Brothers Album

Front and back cover of "The Warner Bros. Album".

" The Warner Bros. Album" was recorded from 1970 to 1971 by The Resdents (who at the time didn't have a name). It was sent to Warner Bros. Records because they thought that if they signed Captain Beefheart to the label (One of The Residents biggest influences), they had a chance of getting a record deal. In 1971, The Residents got a rejection slip addressed to "The Residents", since they didn't have a name. Hal  Halverstadt wrote that he gave it "an A for Ariginality".

Track listing

- Strawberry Fields Forever

-.The Mad Sawmill Of Copenhagen, Germany

- Baby Skeletons and Dogs

- Bop Bop Shoo bop bop

- Stuffed Genital

- A merican Fag

-Oh mummy, oh daddy, cant you that its true? 

- Baby Skeletons and Dog reprise

-  The mad sawmill of Copenhagen, Germany II

- Love and Peace

- Mad Sawmill reprise II

- Black Velvet Original

- Mad Sawmill III

- Christmas morning Foto

- Mad Sawmill IIII

- In the still of the night

- Maggie's Farm

- Snot and Feces Live at the grunt festival

- Sweet Meat ("goodbye lover")

- Oh ya upp Bop Shoo bop

- Ohm is where the Art Is

-Concerto in R flat minor ( I, II, III)


- Sell American

- Love theme from a major motion picture

- Prelude for accordian sousaphone and french horn

- Oh god! You're a pie in the sky

- Short Circut comes To Town (I, II)

- Marching toward AEIOU blues

- In the still of the night again

- Unknown Title

- Oh Mummy, oh daddy cant you say its true again

-  Art, the white elephant

- Instrumental ( I, II)

- Pyschodelic and orgasmic finale (I and II)

( Thanks to discogs for putting up the whole track list)


In 2004, after high demand The Residents released a new, remixed version of the "Warner Bros. Album". It consists of sped up, slowed down, and loops from the original tape.

- Mad Sawmill of Copenhagen, Germany                                                                


- Baby Skeletons and Dogs

- Bop Bop (shoobob bob)

- A merican fag

- Oh mommy oh Daddy

- Peace and Love

- Christmas morning Photo

- Maggie's Farm

-Snot and feces live at the Grunt Festival

- Sweet Meat

- Ohm is where The Art Is

- Sell American

- Love Theme From a Motion Picture

- Pie in the Sky

- Art, The White Elephant.