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"The Way We Were" is a recording of The Residents' 2005 performance at the "What is Music?" Festival in Australia. It was released as a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Track Listing (CD and DVD)[]


The Residents - Commercial Album Suite

- The Way We Were

- Lizard Lady

- Hello Skinny

- Picnic in the Jungle

- Commercial Album Suite

- Coming of the Crow / Eva's Warning

- Would We Be Alive

- Perfect Goat / Golden Goat

- The Sleeper

The Residents The Way We Were.jpg

- Their Early Years

- Jelly Jack

- Deadwood

- They Are The Meat / Mr.Misery

- Burn Baby Burn

- Mr. Wonderful

- Betty's Body

- Ober

- Teddy Bear

- Ship of Fools

- The Way We Were Goodnight


- Picnic in the Jungle

- The Sleeper

- Eva's Warning

- Jelly Jack / Deadwood

- Ship of Fools

- Lots of Knots


- "Lots of Knots" is a 15 minute long CGI video.

- The CD and DVD came packaged in a multi- fold digipak sleeve.