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The Residents & Renaldo and the Loaf - Title in Limbo - 04 - Monkey and Bunny

Back cover- notice the title being "Turtles in Lima"

This album is a collaboration between Renaldo and the Loaf and The Residents. This was originally written and recorded in 1981, when Renaldo and The Loaf released their first album on Ralph Records. The duo had to leave for England, leaving the album unfinished. Since The Mole Show was a financial failure, they had to release this album to the public. So, Ted the Loaf sent some tape loops and other background noises for the album. In 1983, the album was released on "NEW ralph".

Track Listing[]

- Intro: version

- The Shoe Salesman

- Crashing

- Monkey and Bunny

- Mahogany Wood

- Sitting on The Sand

- Africa Tree

- Woman's Weapon

- Horizontal Logic

- Sailor Song

- Extra: version


-"Monkey and bunny" was performed at the 13th anniversery show, and "The Shoe Salesman" was performed at the "Demons Dance Alone" tours.

- All areas where the title is listed include different names of the album- including "Title in Limbo", "Tattle in Logo", "Turtles in Lima", and "Tidal in Lumbar".

- This is the first album on the "NEW ralph label", which is when Tom Timony ran the label from 1983- 87.