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The Residents Mole Show 1984 VHS rip

Cover of "The Pal TV lp".

“Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?/ The Mole Show” is a VHS released by The Resdients. The version of “Vileness Fats” is a shorten version of the film, with a new soundtrack. The footage of “The Mole Show” has surreal animations popping on the screen.  The VHS also had an album made for both films, called “The Pal TV lp”. It was released in 1985, and was pressed on red vinyl.

VHS contents[]

- Vileness Fats

- The Mole Show

"Pal TV lp" Track Listing[]

-Smack Your Lips

- Another Land

- Final Confrontation

- Happy Home

- Whatever happened to Vileness Fats?

- Broccoli and Saxophone

- Lord, It's Lonely

- The Knife Fight