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The Residents - The Importance of Evergreen

Back cover of "Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats"

“Whatever Happened In Vileness Fats?” is the soundtrack of the VHS of the same name by The Residents. It was recorded and released in 1984. There are two early tracks that are included on the album- “Eloise” is included on “Broccoli and Saxophone”. “Lord, It’s Lonely” is a different version of “Lonely at top”. There are two songs that aren’t included on the movie, “Search For The Short Man” and “Thoughts Busily Betraying”.

Track Listing[]

- Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?

- Atomic Shopping Carts

- Adventures of a Trobuled Heart

- Search of the short man

- Importance of Evergreen

- Broccoli and Saxophone

- Disguised as Meat

- Thoughts Busily Betraying

- Lord, It's Lonely

- The Knife Fight


- A cd reissue of this album also had tracks from the "Census Taker" soundtrack included.

- "Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?" was also released on red vinyl in the same year.

- "The Knife Fight" was released as a one track cd in 2009.