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The Residents - Hanging by His Hair

Front cover of "Wormwood".

“Wormwood” is an album released by The Residents. The songs are based off of various stories from The Bible. It was released in 1998, and had a tour that lasted through all of 1999.

Track Listing[]

- In the Beginning

- Fire Fall

- They are the Meat

- Melancholy Lumps

- How to get a Head

- Cain and Abel

- Mr. Misery

- Tent Pigs in the Temple 

- God's Magic Finger

- Spilling the Seed

- Dinah and the Unclean Skin

- Bathsheba Bathes

- Bridegroom of Blood

- Hanging by his Hair

- The Seven Ugly Crows

- Burn Baby Burn

- Kill him!

- I Hate Heaven

- Judas Saves

- Revelation


- The first 5,000 copies came with a limited edition sticker. 

- "Burn Baby Burn" has a music video, and was performed live on the "Icky flix" tour.

- "I Hate Heaven" was released on a single of the same name, along with "God's Magic Finger" and "Judas Saves".